Aston Martin Diving into the Future with Lagonda Vision

Technology is quickly becoming something which dictates the way cars are manufactured, and the latest design by Aston Martin features elements that are an insight into the future. It’s been handed the moniker of the Lagonda Vision Concept, and it’s a breed of emission-free luxury Aston Martin vehicles which will pave the way for many more to follow.

With such a futuristic image, it’s no wonder that production won’t commence till 2021, but plenty of room has already been created for imaginations to run wild through the concept. The first thing you notice is the lack of – or non-existent to be precise – hood. Designers felt it wasn’t necessary, simply because the electric power means there’s no need for an engine.

Subsequently, they have been able to forge an incredibly spacious cabin and interior, which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s rocking a white and blue colourway, which only adds to the futuristic feel. Moreover, the rear seats are reclining, giving passengers much more leg room, which is a huge advancement in the automotive industry.

The dashboard looks extremely sleek, with a very minimalistic design stretching across the front cabin. Although not yet confirmed, you can just tell that there’s going to be a wealth of technology immersed into the Lagonda. Going back to the exterior – the shape is much like a triangle, with an upwards slope going from front to back. With the base strength being on the ground, Aston Martin made sure the back doors are hinged and swing upwards.

The only downside… it doesn’t feel like an Aston Martin whatsoever. We’ve been so accustomed to James Bond driving a Vanquish, eh?