Aston Martin Creates New Beauty with Zagato

Over the years, Aston Martin and Zagato have teamed up for some of the most stunning and beautiful double bubble-roofed sports cars on the planet. With the combination of the British and Italian styles, it seems to be a match made in heaven and they’ve gone another step to proving this recently with the announcement of the Vanquish Zagato range.

Boasting just 325 cars, the range will be broken down as follows;

  • 99 Coupes
  • 99 Volantes
  • 99 Shooting Brakes
  • 28 Speedsters

According to Zagato, the Coupe is already in production with the Volante planned next and this is all the news we needed to get excited for the car industry once again. For those who have pre-ordered models, it’s believed they will be delivered in 2018 and, in fact, Zagato has stated how all Coupe’s, Volante’s, and Speedster’s have already been bought. However, the station wagon/ Shooting Brake, perhaps the one that captured our imagination the best, still has models available.

Based on the Vanquish S, all 325 models will offer nearly 600 horsepower thanks to a 6.0-liter V12 engine along with an eight-speed automatic transmission. With limited numbers available, you can guarantee certain hand-finished touches such as the fine-tuned adaptive damping. Looking sleek with curves in all the right places, it’s fair to say the magical partnership of Aston Martin and Zagato has done it again.


- If you’re reading this wondering what the differences will be between the different models, you aren't alone but we can break it down for you here.

Firstly, the design of the Speedster has ‘Speed Humps’ that flow from the back seats into the famous double-bubble roof. As you’ll see in the images, the carbon fiber body work shines (and not just because of the finish). Thanks to Aston Martin, all four models will come with ‘Blade’ taillights originally inspired from the Vulcan. Finally, rear-vent meshes finish the look with style in addition to the 3D ‘Z’ motifs.

Despite the vibrant red color, there’s no comparison to the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso because there are just two seats; of course, the Ferrari has two rear seats which are nowhere to be found with Zagato. With this additional room, the double-bubble roof runs nicely back to the power tailgate to offer plenty of space for luggage. Considering each model comes with a tailored luggage set, this is more than useful. With all this in mind, the Shooting Brake is taking sports cars into a new niche; practicality. You can just imagine sitting in the luxurious interior taking a road trip around the hills of Italy, moving from one vineyard to the next, with the luggage perfectly stored in the back.


- For those who want to leave this picture in the mind while it’s still achievable, why not click onto our next article now? Although no pricing information has been released for the Shooting Brake, we do know that the Volante will set 99 owners back $850,000!