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Aston Martin Building 25 Special Edition James Bond DB5’s

By Tim Charlet on August 30, 2018

If you’ve always wanted Q to build you the legendary Aston Martin DB5 – packed with all those fabulous gadgets – Aston Martin is happy to help. The legendary automaker recently announced their intention to build 25 Special Edition James Bond-inspired DB5’s, the same vehicle Sean Connery used in the movie Goldfinger that will leave Bond fans both shaken – and stirred.

The 1964 Aston Marin DB5 gained it’s legendary status in the epic James Bond film Goldfinger. The version Bond drove was outfitted with special “non-factory” upgrades, fitting for any secret agent. To pay tribute to the film and make a pretty penny – Aston Martin will be building a series of non street-legal replicas, featuring many of the cleaver gadgets created by Q-branch. Aston Martin worked with several producers of the Bond films from EON productions to design these Silver Birch-painted DB5’s.

Some of the top features added to this special edition DB5 include:

  • The triple-swapping license plate. Bond film fans remember one of the most iconic upgrades Q-branch added was the swapping license plate, that would rotate three different phony plates – for those easy get-away from ‘the authorities’.
  • Flip-up center console: Featuring switches for oil slicks, smoke bombs, a rear bulletproof screen, and even a twin, wing-mounted machine gun. Not confirmed yet is the functionality of these ‘buttons’ – but still really cool.
  • The push-button flip-up gearshift lever. While it’s not likely to launch a pair of heat seeking missiles when depressed, the replica DB5’s will feature this iconic enhancement.

The Aston Martin replicas will also include those extending tire slashers, GPS tracking system, the hidden telephone in the door (complete with vintage curly-cord), and more. This vehicle was the first of many Aston’s that 007 drove in several James Bond films. In fact, among car collectors, movie cars from James Bond films are among the biggest sellers at auctions.

The first batch of these 25 Aston Martin DB5’s is expected to show up to customer’s door-steps in 2020. According to estimates, the replica James Bond special edition DB5’s will burn $3.5 million from your wallet (plus taxes). There is no word yet on whether the DB5 will come with a Bond girl or not.

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