All You Need to Know About the New 2019 VW Touareg

When you consider top of the range SUVs, most people typically think of a Range Rover Velar, Mercedes GLE or a Bentley Bentayga. Many other brands try and compete, but it’s very rare that alternative models make any sort of impact on the market. Although, back when Volkswagen released the first version of their Touareg, it did manage to capture the attention of millions.

So, they’ve decided to build on that success by manufacturing a brand-new model of the Touareg. You see, while the Mercedes and Bentleys of this world act as symbols for high-end, the VW Touareg targets those that want to blend into the crowd with an SUV while still retaining plenty of class.

Moreover, this latest version has been designed via the Volkswagen Group’s MLB-Evo platform, which highlights how seriously they’re taking this venture. How? Well, other cars that are produced via that platform include the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and the wonderful Lamborghini Urus.

However, the team at Volkswagen have ensured that the new Touareg possesses its own identity in terms of styling. Alongside the emphatic grill at the front which slides nicely into the blocky headlights, the rest of the car is quite subtle yet stunning. The sleek design is partly why VW have been able to slice 106kg off the overall weight.

If you want a more aggressive looking vehicle, then you could always opt for the R-Line variant, which consists of a blacked-out grille and black surrounds on the windows. Depending on what model you go for, the wheel sizes will vary between 18 and 21 inches. As for the performance, Volkswagen still haven’t released any specific specifications, but this is what we do know…

The new Touareg will most likely follow its predecessor in the way it offers a selection of different engines. At the most basic level, you’ll have a V6 turbo petrol, but others include a plug-in hybrid which mixes both petrol and electricity. Although, the latter will only be available in China according to reports.

No matter what engine spec you have, it will be connected to a four-wheel-drive system which will add an edge to traction and steering in multiple conditions. What will also aid that is the multiple off-road features, such as unique modes and height-adjustable air suspension. The power will be pushed and controlled through an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Furthermore, it’s the interior which is arguably the most impressive element to the new Touareg. It will incorporate the next-generation of user interface, which adds a 15-inch infotainment screen to the centre of the dashboard. Additionally, the driver will have a 12-inch information screen situated behind the wheel which presents a variety of details.

Across both screens, there will be a multitude of excellent functions which will enhance the overall driving experience. Judging from the images provided by Volkswagen, the cabin looks extremely spacious, and subsequently it seems like there’s a great degree of comfort. Despite being very similar to previous Touaregs, there are plenty of cute, noticeable upgrades.

If you’re searching for a Volkswagen model that delivers in power, performance and panache then your best bet is the Golf R. But, if you want a stylish SUV that has an element of luxury, and features Volkswagen’s future user interface, then the Touareg is a great option. Although, be prepared to pay for the so-called premium factor; we expect a base price of around $71,000, but a more accurate figure will surface when the final specs emerge closer to the release date.