All You Need to Know About the 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche are renowned for their supercars, and for good reason, too. The German automotive brand has been rolling off beauties from their production line for decades, and the 911 is arguably their most famous. Throughout the lifetime of the 911, there’s been plenty of variants, including the RS range. Their latest venture – the 911 GT3 RS – possess the same core elements of the GT2, but with some very effective changes.

The team over at Porsche have managed to create a sub-seven-minute car; and a car that is 24-seconds faster around the legendary Nürburgring than the GT2. So, yes, that makes the GT3 the best of the lot.

Like we’ve already touched on, though, it does contain many of the same features that all the other 911 RSs do. The huge spoiler gives it some intimidating aesthetics, the dual exhaust is slick, and the air intakes add to the modern style. The awesome decals along the side skirts, the NACA ducts on the bonnet and a slightly raised rear wing are differentiators that you can look for.

When you explore the interior, you’ll notice a classy feel that you’re probably used to if you’ve been inside a 911 RS before. There’s plenty of Alcantara and soft leather that give the car a gorgeous, luxury finish. There are some slight improvements, though. You’ll find lighter carpets and perforations on the seats. You’ll also notice an upgraded infotainment system, which is Porsche trying to stay in tune with the latest technology.

An identical shape – albeit iconic – may fool you into believing it isn’t revolutionary. But, it really is, especially when it comes to the performance. Lift up the bonnet and you’ll discover a phenomenal 4.0-litre Boxer-6 engine that would put a smile on any car enthusiasts face. They’ve opted for a naturally-aspirated engine, which produces 520-BHP that becomes available at 8,250-RPM.

That isn’t its maximum; you’ll reach the red line at 9,000 revs, and by then you’ll have enjoyed the amazing growling sound that the engine emits when you push your foot down on the pedal. In conjunction with the horsepower, you’ll feel a tremendous pull from the 346 pound-feet of torque, which empowers you to travel from 0-60-MPH in just 3 seconds flat and continue to a top speed of 198-MPH. Believe us, this GT3 is insanely quick.

All of that power is pushed through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that provides instant shifts, whether you’re going up or down the gears, and a rear-wheel drive set-up. The acceleration is strong enough to push you back in your seat, and the traction is incredible enough to allow you to approach corners with blistering speed and full confidence.

Another thing Porsche have introduced with the GT3 is a lighter exhaust system, which enables the engine to tick along effortlessly. Furthermore, the NACA ducts on the bonnet that we mentioned earlier actually have a serious function; they’re designed to reduce drag while accomplishing the same level of downforce, which subsequently improves the aerodynamics. Plus, they help to keep the brakes cool.

One thing that may fly under the radar, but is actually extremely impressive is the chassis, because it’s the foundation which allows the car to perform how it wants to. The suspension is the same as the GT2, but there’s softer anti-roll bars, which gives the car a smoother ride. Now, the weight is also the same – 3,153 pounds – but the fine details Porsche have implemented and changed have given the speed and performance a drastic boost.

After learning of the speed upgrades, you’ve probably got your heart set on a 911 GT3 RS, huh? Then, you may be disappointed to learn that there’s only a set number produced, and they come with absolute exclusivity. In other words, you’ll probably struggle to get your hands on one. You’d need to have a hefty amount of cash in your bank account, too, as the pricing starts at $187,500.

If you do manage to claim ownership of one of these amazing cars, then you’re very lucky. We’d definitely recommend experiencing it in all its glory on the track.