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Adler Group Reveals What an Updated Alfa 4C Could Look Like

By Bryan D on June 21, 2018

Recently, Alfa Romeo released their five-year plan which provided consumers with an idea of what they should expect going forward. That plan contained no intentions of revamping the 4C with a fresh version. So, Adler Group joined forces with Umberto Palermo’s Up Design to create a visual of what a 4C successor could potentially look like.

It goes by the name of “Alfa Romeo Mole Construction Artigianale 001.” They haven’t come up with any gobsmacking designs; they’ve just manipulated the existing style to give it a more aggressive feel. For instance, the lower fascia has diagonal LEDs in each corner, the fenders have sharper edges and the headlights are integrated into flying stanchions.

The changes combine to give the rear an evil type of face. Moreover, along the side there’s larger inlets which flow nicely into the roof and quad tailpipes add to the imposing factor. Step inside, and you’ll find a two-tone colour scheme consisting of black and orange tan. The strange thing about the concept is that it doesn’t feature an infotainment system despite being a modern car.

To complement the two-tone effect running through the interior, there’s plenty of leather and carbon fiber, which is no surprise when you consider Adler Group specializes in those materials. Of course, there’s been no talk of powertrain, but you’d expect it to utilize the same 1.75-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that the current 4C has. At the moment, the vehicle notches up 237-BHP, 258 pound-feet of torque and 0-60-MPH in 4.1 seconds.

Although this may never materialize, it’s a beautiful concept, so let’s hope the Alfa Romeo hierarchy fall in love with it.

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