A Preview of the Futuristic Audi R8

A serious overhaul is being done on the Audi, and the Germany carmaker has promised the Audi lovers they will have seen 12 new EVs come the year 2025. The R8 sports car will also soon go through an update given that all the new versions of A4, A7, and A8 have already been introduced to the market. Based on this speculation, we then can ask ourselves one question. So how will the new version of R8 look like? To answer that question, we can borrow from what the Russian based designer Konstantin Pankratov.

Features of the New Audi R8

His Audi ATOM concept based R8 shares several similarities to the modern day model. The only notable difference is that the supercar has a sleeker and modern overall look. A plastic looking cover replaces the gaping grille and gives the car a new and different facial look. The care shares the look of the discontinued R8 e-Tron, but the plastic fixture replaces the massive vent. Further, the style of the headlights appears different. On the new R8, a single LED light bar connects seamlessly to the grille, and there are two smaller LED`s. All these put together, give the new R8 a newer stylized look that is superior to the current R8.

Similarities to the original sports car that are visible include the wheels, the signature side blades, and the rear shape which have been borrowed from the current R8. The rear shape replaces the cars sharp taillights for a pair of angular LED lights on all the two sides. The new model has cooling vents and stylized plastic trim that allows the rear, side and front look match. The style of the car is more modern than the current R8.

What has not been revealed is the power train that would be under the hood. However, with Audi`s transition to electrified cars and pure EV`s, there is a possibility that the new R8 concept will adopt the hybrid technology in cars like Acura NSX.

Currently, the R8 is still safe from electrification. In the recent model which is R8 RWS, the rear wheel drive was introduced for the first time powered by naturally aspirated V10 and produces 540 horsepower, and torque pound-feet is 540 Newton-meters. So far, the ATOM concept is still an idea of what to expect.