730 Horsepower for the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

With the Frankfurt Auto Show just around the corner, it seems as though all manufacturers are working day and night to have something to reveal at the event. However, there’s one manufacturer that has been quieter than most; Lamborghini. With everyone excited over the Aventador S Coupe just last year, everyone has been waiting for the Roadster variant ever since but everything has been quiet on this front…until now.

According to Lamborghini, we’re going to see the new Aventador S Roadster 2018 in Frankfurt for the first time. With this in mind, they’ve also released some details and images early and this means we can tell you it looks stunning. With all the cosmetic and mechanical upgrades the Coupe model brought last year, the Aventador is a luxurious convertible but with the added benefit of boasting a mid-rear engine V12; this makes it the only super sports roadster of its kind in the market.

Despite the convertible nature, it brings across the same elegant yet aggressive front-end with the elongated front splitter as the focal point. This being said, there has been some changes to the rear in order to accommodate the retractable roof; the same roof that weighs just 6kg in total. In fact, the panels have been designed especially for this model to retain the same cabin space for all occupants. With a simple fastening system, the panels can be removed and placed into the front trunk before you drive away. In addition to this, buyers will also have a choice of color with the panels depending on whether you want a shiny visible carbon fiber, a matt black carbon fiber, or a high-gloss black.

With electric rear windows, you can drive while listening to the sweet tones the Aventador S Roadster has to offer at the push of a button. While the roof is down though, the windows will actually work as a shield to reduce cabin noise and airflow. All features considered, old and new, this model comes in 50kg heavier than the Coupe version at 1,625kg.

With some manufacturers, you know the added weight will affect performance but it doesn’t seem to be this way with the Aventador. In the classic speed test, the Coupe reached 62mph in 2.9 seconds while the Roadster took just 0.1 seconds longer. As we expected, the 730 horses are sent to all four wheels using a 6.5-liter V12 engine (naturally aspirated); the model also creates 509 lb-ft of torque. With advancing technology, the Roadster has been a keen beneficiary of this with new active suspension, four-wheel drive, and the EGO driving mode that has been attracting attention recently.

With the active rear wing first found on the Coupe, aerodynamic performance is optimized and Lamborghini claim a 130% improvement in front downforce compared to the previous Aventador model. When in the optimum position, 50% overall efficiency can be achieved in high downforce as well as over 400% in low drag.

Using inspiration from ‘the peaceful turquoise ocean hiding an indomitable force beneath’, the Aventador Roadster will be available in Ad Personam Color Blu Aegir. With both the exterior and interior, you’ll also find various other personalization opportunities. For example, the roof panels have a black Alacantra covering and the cabin leathers can be adjusted. As you may notice in the pictures, carbon fiber plays a key role in the model from the air intakes to the front/rear bumpers.

In terms of price, the US will welcome the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster for $460,250 and custom deliveries will begin in the second month of next year.