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400-Horsepower Honda Sports Vision GT

By Zlatan Stankovic on November 15, 2017

Honda fans have long awaited the launch of a brand-new automobile. Well, there is good news and sad news. First, Honda has a novel concept for a car that may go into production. To the bad news, the company is yet to reveal the plans for the car. Put simply; when fans can drive it in real-life. For now, you can get a taste of the car on Gran Turismo, a racing simulator game exclusive to the PlayStation platform. Hopefully, you will know if it is a hit or miss.

According to the official press release, Honda strived to adhere to a human-centered design. Being less dramatic than its predecessors – like the McLaren Ultimate Vision GT –the company seems to be adhering to its culture of doing things that “look fun.”

The car has been in development and testing for some months. First, the company sponsored an internal competition among its designers. A severe rivalry ensued that saw their team in Los Angeles claiming the top spot. For the actual development, designers from Japan and USA chipped in, each contributing their expertise. The USA team would build the quarter model, with Japan handling the hardware. Indeed a lot went into finalizing the car, a process that involved the participation of many designers.

Features of the Honda

The body made of carbon fiber keeps the car at only 889kg. Power propelling the vehicle comes from a 1998cc engine couple with the Honda DOHC-VTEC technology, delivered using the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The maximum horsepower is 403.

After building a full-scale model, the design team tested the aerodynamics using a wind channel. In combination with computer simulations, a perfect model was achieved. The car's exterior is equally impressive. Though tight it still commands admiration on the road. You will instantly notice the wide fenders with air intakes and excellent proportions. Despite being only a model, it is a car worth getting excited about.

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