4 Practical Tips for Selling a Used Mazda

Mazda has been regarded as one of the easiest vehicles to sell due to their affordability, low maintenance costs, and fairly decent fuel economy. However, like any other vehicle manufacturer, selling a used Mazda comes with a few challenges that can cause owners headaches and frustration. To ensure you sell your used Mazda quickly – and for the maximum profit, follow these 4 practical tips that are proven to help private sellers reduce mistakes.

Tip #1 – Always Be Transparent

Let’s face it – the used car market is not known for its honesty or transparency. In fact, most used car buyers expect some dishonesty or over-enhancement by a dealership. What’s frustrating to many sellers is that this reputation is often associated with private sales from individuals looking to get the best price or a off-load a vehicle that’s damaged as soon as possible. The best practical tip for selling a used Mazda is being 100% transparent and honest. This begins with posting your advertisement. As we post the additional tips below, we’ll highlight a few things you should do before creating the online or print ad – to ensure you’re up to speed on the actual condition of your vehicle.

Tip #2 – Have Your Vehicle Inspected by a Professional Mechanic

A growing service offered by repair shops or mobile mechanics is a pre-purchase car inspection. This is where the mechanic or Mazda specialist will review multiple vehicle systems such as the suspension, powertrain (engine, transmission, and drive-train), cooling system, and more. The inspection will check for any leaks, noticeable damage to components and possible areas of concern. It also takes into consideration the damage to body, previous accidents and more. When the inspection is completed, you’ll receive a detailed report – which you can and should provide to any potential buyer.

Tip #3 – Generate a Vehicle History Report

The VIN or Vehicle History Report (commonly known as a Car Fax) is created to protect consumers from purchasing a vehicle that has significant damage due to an accident, or serious repairs. This report is commonly provided to consumers at used car dealerships (as it’s a Federal Consumer Protection Law) but only provided if the consumer asks for one. To be proactive, have your VIN report printed by a local DMV or online services like CarFax.com. While you might be the current owner of your vehicle, it’s quite possible you’re not the original owner, so having this information on hand before listing the car will be helpful to assign a true market value.

Tip #4 – Research Recalls on Your Year, Make, and Model of Mazda

One issue Mazda’s have had over the years are excessive recalls on major systems like airbags, steering, drivetrain, and ABS braking systems. While most consumers do not investigate these potential problems when buying a used Mazda, it’s a good idea to be aware of them – in case someone asks you about them. If you sell a Mazda or any other brand of vehicle to a consumer without disclosing recall service or replacement – you can set yourself up for a definite nightmare experience.

Being honest, transparent and detailed about the condition of your vehicle is the best way to ensure a quick and accurate sale. If your Mazda is not in great shape – simply tell the truth, as there are consumers looking for a cheap, get around car. By being honest from the beginning of the process of selling a used Mazda, you’ll encounter more success.

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