2019 Lamborghini Urus: What Do We Know So Far?

When we heard the news that Lamborghini were releasing a brand-new SUV, we couldn't help but feel excited. In fact, we haven't yet come down from the excitement which is why we’ve decided to compile all the knowledge we have so far for this particular model!

Called the ‘Urus’, there’s no denying this model has caught the attention of the world media. As of right now, we all have high hopes for the Urus in terms of power, aesthetics, speed, and everything else Lamborghini normally provides with every single model. Expected in 2018, we still have a little wait but the anticipation is only going to build as we get closer.

Despite Lamborghini’s long history within the auto industry, this will be just their second foray into the SUV market. Previously, we saw the LM002 and this one will combine the modern luxuries Lamborghini does so well with supercar aesthetics and performance.

The Basics

- For many months, the rumors have been swirling for the Urus and for an SUV of any kind from Lamborghini. In 2012, we saw the very first concept at the International Auto Show in Beijing. Since then, we’ve seen ‘teasers’ and ‘leaks’ aplenty but we’re trying to stick with the actual news here today and information that has been confirmed.

Form Lamborghini themselves, they’ve already promised the same performance seen right across the Lamborghini lineup. With speed and power guaranteed, it also promises to look stunning in the vibrant red paintwork we’ve already seen.


- Although we don’t have many official images just yet, we have seen a red angular and simply beautiful concept. Sticking with the shape we’ve all come to know and love, it’s like Lamborghini has grabbed hold of the roof of their famous shape and lifted it to create an SUV. Although this might not be the most scientific and accurate description we’ve ever given, it should give a good indication as to the way it’s shaped.

With an angular grille and sharp nose, this is combined with the aggressive two angular vents and a lower central vent; boasting engine cooling and airflow management. Towards the back, the short rear window suggests the use of a camera alongside the LED taillights and quad exhaust tips. With large wheels, the sporty feeling comes from the low center of gravity and we believe it will look even more appealing than the concept.


- With this part of the car, we have very little information except the 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 engine. Around Nurburgring, the 650 horsepower should make the Urus the quickest SUV on the market. With varying powertrains though, the horsepower could actually surpass this to get into competition with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and others in this field.

Once the standard gas version gets comfortable in the market, we’re expecting a plug-in hybrid model to follow and are even more confident in this since the announcement of the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid. In truth, we suspect Lamborghini is paying very close attention to Porsche for performance in this range. Who knows….we could even see an all-electric Urus in the years ahead.


- When it eventually becomes available, it will enter the market at the $200,000 mark and experts believe 1,000 units will go on sale in 2018. One year later, this could be boosted to around 3,500 units. When at full production, Lamborghini believes half of all output will come from the Urus.

In April, the pre-production process began in the factory so keep an eye out for a production version before the holidays this year. If all goes well, the model is expected to be released around the world including here in the US and China!