11,000 Tesla Model X Units Recalled Due To Seat Cables

Tesla on Thursday issued a worldwide voluntary recall of approximately 11,000 Model X vehicles. This voluntary recall was arrived at after the automaker realized that the seat belts used in the affected cars, could easily break in case the vehicle is involved in a crash. This main issue is that in case of a crash, the rear seats will not lock in place as expected in a good performing seat belts.

Affected Units

These models X vehicles that have been recalled were built with the fold-flat second-row seats. The affected vehicles are the models X that were produced by the automaker between October 2016 and August 2017. The company further advised that the recall order, the company noted that only about 3 percent of the recalled vehicles might be affected, but they have decided to recall all the vehicles as a cautionary action.

No Reports of Fatal Accidents So Far

To put it clear, the company spokesman said that so far, there is no report of an accident that resulted in injuries or possible deaths as a result of this issue. Therefore, the recall should not be misinterpreted to be as a result of accidents involving the vehicle. However, the issue was noted when the company was conducting an internal test, and they noted that in case of a crash, the seats are likely to move, and this should not be the case.

What You Should Do

Therefore, those with an affected unit should take it to the car dealer who will notify the automakers mobile repair unit to have the issue fixed. This will take just about ten minutes, and it is something that the mobile repair unit can take care of within those ten minutes. According to Tesla, Those with the affected vehicle should avoid carrying two adults in the second row left until they have the issue fixed. However, you may carry one adult or just two children in the seats because it is still strong enough to handle that weight in case of a crash.