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“Indigo Flyer” Gives Ducati Fans Cause to Celebrate

By Tony Franklin on August 27, 2018

Nothing disappoints loyal fans more than knowing one of their beloved models has been put to rest with no hope of returning. Ducati fans have been waiting 8 years for a new SportClassic model motorcycle but to no avail. Until now…

Ducati fans all over can rejoice with the update of the beloved SportClassic model. Since there is no modern rendition of that famous (2003-2010) model, the custom builders Winston Yeh and Rough Crafts have created their own update to fill that void in the world of motorcycles.

Instead of basing the new SportClassic model on one of the original Ducati versions, Winston and Rough Crafts chose a 2016 Monster 1200 S as their foundation. They wanted to use the Monster, with a radical custom veneer, to rebuild the SportClassic. The bodywork was done from scratch, and they installed large 48mm Ohlins forks to give bike more girth. It has specially-made six-spoke wheels that come from Wukawa Industry, and they are covered in Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp rubber. Normally, Rough Craft bikes are done entirely in black, but their SportsClassic has a primary note of denim blue - which is why it has been nicknamed the “Indigo Flyer.”

The Indigo Flyer has an STM slipper clutch, an AEM Factory featherweight hard anodized rear sprocket, and a Sprint Filter loaded into it. It has stock exhaust headers which have been built by a local Taiwanese specialist, Banei Racing, into beautiful stainless steel mufflers, finished off with Rough Crafts end caps.

Looking up close, you can catch a glimpse of its silver striping which helps show off the bikes curves and contours. This silver coloring is not just a strip of paint. Instead, Winston had them lay down a silver fiber weave. Whatever it is, it is good, and although Ducati may have missed a golden opportunity in discontinuing their SportClassic model, for the fans out there, Winston and Rough Crafts have brought a silver lining to their dark cloud of disappointment.

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