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$3,000 a Month: All You Need to Drive ANY Porsche

By Zlatan Stankovic on October 17, 2017

Do you dream of driving through the mountains in a luxurious Carrera with nothing to worry about but the open road ahead? When we put it like this, it’s a little hard not to but for many years it has been, like many dreams, distant and unlikely. Well, this year could be your year because you can now drive any Porsche you want for ‘just’ $2,000-$3,000.

Unfortunately, this program is dedicated ‘wealthy’ people only and it works like a subscription program. After paying a certain amount of money per month, the subscriber can benefit from unrestricted mileage, on-demand access to vehicles, and regular vehicle exchanges. Known as the ‘Porsche Passport’, the system is advanced and, as crazy as it sounds, allows you to choose your next car on a mobile app.

Starting in Atlanta, many sources have suggested just 50 people will start off with the membership with two tiers to choose from; Launch and Accelerate. For you and I, this is the equivalent of ‘distant dream’ and ‘so far away we can’t see it dream’ but it’s still worth discussing because it’s unlike anything we’ve really seen before. Similar to a subscription for a magazine, all members pay an amount per month but instead receive cars rather than the latest gardening news (or whatever you may be into!).


With the first package, this costs $2,000 and allows members on-demand access with the Cayman S, 718 Boxster, and six other models available.


At $3,000 per month, members can enjoy the same access but this time to 22 different models and this includes the Macan GTS, 911 Carrera S, Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV, and the Panamera 4S Sports Sedan.

Depending on which package you choose, you’ll be paying between $65 and $100 per month just to drive the best Porsche models available. Included within this fee, you’ll have vehicle tax, maintenance, insurance, detailing, registration, and a few extra features. If you just so happen to scramble together $3,000 from pocket change and the piggy bank, you should also know there’s a $500 activation fee to get started.

With all the details on the Porsche website, we believe the Atlanta launch will be seen as a trial run and an opportunity to perfect the minutiae of it all. Once perfected, can we expect this to roll out to the rest of the US and even the world? As long as it secures Porsche a profit, and we don’t see how it won’t, it could be the new norm in just a few years!

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