Porsche’s New Air-Cooled 911 Turbo S is Golden

Tags: Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche, Breaking News, Concept Cars, Reveal

By Tim Charlet on August 28, 2018

The latest creation from the mad-scientists at Porsche Classic is flat-out ‘brilliant’. This new air-cooled 911 Turbo S, affectionately known as Project Gold, continues to build on Porsche’s 70th anniversary by introducing a 444-horsepower variant to the popular 993 line-up.

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Rolling Out into Armageddon in Gurka MPV Armored Vehicle

Tags: Concept Cars, Reveal, SUV

By Tony Franklin on August 28, 2018

If you are looking for a company that goes all out and spares no expense, then Terradyne is the name to watch. They have created many of the most ferocious tactical vehicles in the world. Terradyne’s multi-purpose armored vehicle, called the “Gurka” is the most recent edition to battle-ready tank-like monstrosities out on the road.

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Bugatti Divo Debuts with Enhanced Handling and Appearance

Tags: Bugatti, Breaking News, New Model, Reveal

By Tim Charlet on August 27, 2018

Bugatti has upped the ante in the hypercar segment with the recent debut of the new Bugatti Divo. A recent car show in Pebble Beach introduced the latest Bugatti masterpiece which features enhanced handling abilities, a new exterior shape, and added vents for improved cooling for what is essentially a Chiron on steroids.

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“Indigo Flyer” Gives Ducati Fans Cause to Celebrate

Tags: DUCATI, Motorcycles, Reveal

By Tony Franklin on August 27, 2018

Nothing disappoints loyal fans more than knowing one of their beloved models has been put to rest with no hope of returning. Ducati fans have been waiting 8 years for a new SportClassic model motorcycle but to no avail. Until now…

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First Look at The New Bugatti Divo

Tags: Breaking News, hypercars, Reveal

By Zlatan Stankovic on August 24, 2018

The Bugatti Divo is 35 kg lighter and has 90 kg more downforce than the Chiron. The lateral acceleration of the Divo has been boosted to 1.6g. Forty vehicles will be produced with a net price of €5 million each. Every car is already sold out.

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The DBS Superleggera Will Be Aston Martin’s New GT Flagship

Tags: Aston Martin, Aston Martin DBS, New Model, Reveal, supercars

By Jon Derrickson on June 29, 2018

For many years, the Vanquish S has been Aston Martin’s flagship, but now that’s about to be replaced. Some of you may already be aware of the development due to leaked photos from the Nürburgring, but the DBS Superleggera will take the reins and spearhead the British brand.

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Meet the Phenomenal BYTON K-Byte Concept

Tags: Concept Cars, Electric Cars, New Model, Reveal

By Zlatan Stankovic on June 22, 2018

Very few people actually get excited over an electric saloon. But, believe us, the BYTON K-Byte Concept is something that will definitely perk your interests. The Chinese brand have built something that possesses level four autonomous driving, which is absolutely crazy.

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Nobe 100 Electric Car Winds Back the Clock with Retro Design

Tags: Concept Cars, Electric Motorcycles, New Model, Reveal

By Zlatan Stankovic on June 22, 2018

As soon as you catch a glimpse of the Nobe 100 three-wheeled electric car, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time. Despite being a modern vehicle, it shares many similarities to early versions of the Saab 96, Henry J or Fiat 500.

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