Bosch Uses Space Technology to Enhance Motorbike Safety

Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is ten-times more dangerous than travelling in a car. The fact that you have no protection around you leaves you in an incredibly vulnerable position. But, that doesn’t stop millions around the world having a passion for the thrill of riding a bike.

Cool Motorcycle Find: Auto Fabrica Type 11

If you’re a huge fan of motorcycles, you’ll list this café racer project that British manufacturer – Auto Fabrica – have been working on. They’ve utilized the Yamaha XSR900 chassis, custom-built a frame, added some awesome parts and created what they’ve called the Type 11. It’s inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s era but they’ve put their own futuristic spin on it.

SORA by LITO, the World’s First Electric Superbike

To any outsiders, motorbikes are extremely dangerous vehicles which are the catalyst behind millions of deaths each year. But, they don’t love two-wheelers like we do; to us bike-fanatics, they’re thrilling forms of transport which look and feel amazing. Although, like cars, they do require fuel and therefore, they do emit nasty emissions into the atmosphere.

The Infamous Lamborghini Design 90 Motorcycle

Nowadays, Lamborghini is one of the leaders in the supercar market, and that’s because they produce vehicles with iconic designs, luxurious interiors and phenomenal performance. But, they haven’t always been so successful…

Super-Cool L-Concept Motorcycle from Bandit 9 Motors

If you’re searching for a cool creation which isn’t comprised of the typical four wheels, then you may come across something like an Indian tuk-tuk. However, now that Bandit 9 Motors have produced a two-wheeled beauty, that may soon change.

MV Agusta Developing an Innovative Four-Cylinder for 2018

After retrieving some of the capital which Mercedes AMG owned, MV Agusta were inspired to create a brand-new four-cylinder engine for 2018. But, the Italian manufacturer, who have a solid reputation within the industry, still need to abide by the stringent Euro4 emissions regulations. That’s why many believe that installing a fresh powerplant could be the best way forward for MV.

Sensational Bike Concepts from Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Ever wanted to look through some outrageous bike concepts just to brighten your day? Well, now is the time because a French company by the name of ‘Barbara’ has created a portfolio of stunning motorcycle concepts. With numerous bikes to look through, they take existing brands and give them a futuristic makeover. For example, Triumph and BMW both feature and some of them look like something we would only otherwise see in the movies.

The Ultimate Entrance of Ducati’s V4 Panigale

Panigale 1299 R has been declared as the last superbike with a V-twin engine during its revelation. Since then, everyone has been waiting to witness this amazing superbike with extra force and power. According to the Italian company, the V4 Panigale is the first Ducati bike to have the engine of the MotoGP Desmosedici. Therefore, this four-cylinder engine has a powerplant of1103cc which is capable of 214 hp. This outstanding quality together with the 1.1 power/weight ratio proves V4 Panigale as nothing but revolutionary.

Zero Motorcycles 2018 Lineup, An Impressive Improvement

Zero Motorcycles have just launched their models for 2018. At first sight, everything looks similar.

Yamaha Reveals Exhibits for Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha explores fusing artificial intelligence and motorcycles