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BMW iNext Set to Make 2021 Debut

Tags: Electric Cars, New Model, Records

By Tim Charlet on September 20, 2018

BMW is set to introduce a new electric-powered crossover in 2021 – and they are calling it the Vision iNext. The newest entrant to the EV crossover segment is the first use of a brand-new vehicle platform.

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Automobile AI

Tags: Auto industry , Electric Cars, Technology

By Tony Franklin on September 19, 2018

In 1984, a year made famous by George Orwell in his novel by the same name, a new dystopian future was introduced in the movie “Terminator”. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a time-traveling cyborg sent back to assassinate a woman who could prevent a future where machines gain sentience and enslave humanity. 34 years later, we have nearly approached that future, according to tech expert

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Goodbye Chrysler 300

Tags: News

By Tony Franklin on September 19, 2018

Chrysler has whittled its production focus down to two individual models: The respected Pacifica minivan and the famous 300 sedans. Everything has a beginning and an end, and it looks like number 300 is up. Automotive New Canada reports that the Chrysler 300 is due to be discontinued in 2020.

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Introducing VinFast, Vietnam’s First Consumer Cars

Tags: Auto industry , Auto Shows, New Model, Reveal

By Tim Charlet on September 19, 2018

Vietnam is set to debut VinFast, the country’s first consumer car manufacturer featuring two new entrants at the upcoming 2018 Paris Motor Show. While several manufacturers have bailed out on the show for cost or personal gatherings reasons, the Vietnam-based VinFast brand is expected to raise quite a few eyebrows.

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Meet Sam Turner's Wicked Diesel-Powered Motorcycle

Tags: Motorcycles

By Tim Charlet on September 19, 2018

A true fabricator appreciates the concept of taking components from multiple vehicles and crafting them into something unique. But – then there is Sam Turner’s wicked diesel-powered motorcycle.

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The Essential Used Porsche 997 Buyer’s Checklist

Tags: Buying Guide, supercars, Used Cars

By Tony Franklin on September 18, 2018

It is a buyer’s market for used Porsche 997s. The prices are dropping, and many who never believed they could own a sports car are finding these wonders drawing closer and closer to their budget. Today is the day to get your bargain as the gap between used and new Porsches grows. What do you need to know about buying a used Porsche before you jump into the frenzy?

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Mercedes-Benz Concept Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Tags: Concept Cars, New Model, Reveal

By Tim Charlet on September 17, 2018

The new EQ Mercedes-Benz concept car is made from carbon fiber with an alubeam silver coating that replicates the Silver Arrow color from the famous 1937 W 125 Grand Prix. The seamless design is enhanced by lighting stripes that are embedded on the side skirts, which leads to a pair of extendible-spoilers that also act as air brakes.

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Joe Rogan Interviews Elon Musk

Tags: autonomous cars, Electric Cars, News, Technology

By Tony Franklin on September 17, 2018

The mind behind Tesla is digging tunnels underneath Los Angeles. Joe Rogan interviewed Elon Musk on Episode #1169 and dug into his brilliant plans for the future of technology. Some of these plans are the simple joys of an engineer - selling 10,000 hats for his company “The Boring Company” or toy “non-flamethrowers,” and then immediately shutting down those sales.

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