Post by Brittany Cermak

Audi Eyeing BMW's Share of the Crossover Segment

Currently, Audi only markets three SUVs in the United States—the allroad, the Q5 and the Q7. However, as was announced by Bloomberg yesterday, a Q2, a Q4 and a Q6 are in the works, as are performance “S” versions of their existing SUVs.

French Driver Flips MINI Cooper

Recently, thirty-four year-old extreme sportsman Guerlain Chicherit became the first person to ever complete an unassisted backflip in a car. At a ski resort in Tignes, France—previously known for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympics—Chicherit drove a modified MINI Cooper up a 26-foot static ramp. After completing the flip, the Cooper landed on all fours in the snow and secured MINI’s and Chicherit’s place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Though drivers have undoubtedly completed backflips in cars before, Chicherit’s was the first to do so without the use of a propelling ramp. Watch it happen in the above video.

Love to Drive? You’re Probably Not Driving a Ferrari

Are you green with envy over your neighbor’s new supercar? According to a study conducted by AXA—an insurance company headquartered in New York—you shouldn’t be. The company’s Annual Motoring Survey found that while luxury car owners enjoy driving more than non-luxury car owners, the same can't be said about exotic car owners. Apparently, only 57% of Ferrari owners told AXA that they enjoyed driving compared to 68% of Ford owners and 64% of Toyota owners. Makes sense, right?

Bad Brakes: BMW Recalling X5

A number of automotive publications are reporting this morning that BMW is recalling approximately 30,000 X5 SUVs. The SUVs, which are from the 2007-2010 model years, were supposedly affixed with faulty brake vacuum pumps. BMW says the pumps may malfunction and leak fluid onto the SUV’s brake hose. If this occurs, the SUV’s power-assisted braking could fail and therefore the distance required for the vehicle to stop will increase. The German automaker fears this may amplify the risk of a crash, and as a result—passenger injury.

Win a Fisker Karma

The Captain Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the environmental knowledge of the next generation, is giving away a 2-year Fisker Karma lease. While the car itself retails around $120,000, according to the foundation’s website, the lease is valued at $50,000. In order to keep the raffle competitive, the Atlanta-based organization is limiting the number of entries to 200.

McLaren to Debut P1 in Geneva

This year’s Geneva Motor Show will take place between March 7th and 17th in Geneva, Switzerland. Like always, there will be a number of vehicles making their debuts at the show. One of the debuts we are particularly excited about is the McLaren P1’s. Successor to the British automaker’s F1 supercar, the long-awaited P1 is rumored to have a starting price around $1.2 million. McLaren will likely only make about 500 copies of the car, which they hope will be a direct competitor to Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo replacement. Coincidentally, the F150—as Ferrari’s been calling it—is also scheduled to debut in Geneva.

Musk’s Comments Add Fuel to Model S Criticism

As you very well may know, Elon Musk founded Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley about ten years ago. Shortly afterwards, he took on the role of CEO. In addition to that position, Musk currently serves as the electric car company’s head of product design. With that in mind, plus the fact that Musk has been known to be somewhat more vocal and opinionated than the traditional CEO, it’s no surprise that he had something to say when his latest product—the Model S—was criticized in a recent NY Times article.

Porsche & Lexus Impress in Annual Reliability Survey

It’s that time of year again—time for J.D. Power and Associates to announce the results of their annual new vehicle reliability survey. As usual, the market research firm polled car owners across the country and tallied the number of problems they had with their vehicles in the past year. This year’s survey focused on vehicles purchased during the 2010 model year. As The L.A. Times reports, topping the list of most reliable vehicle brands three years after purchase are Porsche, Lexus, Lincoln and Toyota. Not a fan of these marques? You’ll be glad to know that J.D. Power and Associates also found that cars on average are becoming more reliable.

Introducing the Alfa Romeo 4C

As we explained in an article last week, Alfa Romeo hasn’t sold a car stateside in quite some time. Two years ago at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, however, the Italian automaker introduced a car that they said would change all that—the 4C concept. Today, weeks in advance of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Italian automaker finally revealed the production version of the 4C. Though we were already excited about the sports car's arrival, which is scheduled for later this year, after seeing the images Alfa Romeo released this morning (above)—we simply can’t wait.

Ferrari Enzo Replacement Spied Testing

YouTube user Marchettino brings us the latest spy video of Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo replacement. Though the F150—as Ferrari’s been calling it—won’t make its official debut until about a month from now at the Geneva Motor Show, Marchettino caught the super car out and about testing in Italy at Ferrari’s Fiorano track. As Motor Authority reports, this is the first time the F150’s engine notes have been caught on tape. Even though the car will likely utilize two electric motors in addition to a V12, it still sounds as impressive as any Ferrari we've ever heard.