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Bugatti Literally Go Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Most people would agree that Bugatti’s are designed for those who have too much money to handle, considering the Chiron is valued at over $3 million. But, it’s fair to say owners do get a great deal of bang for their buck. Other than the outrageous speed and phenomenal driving experience, they also get an innovative telemetry system.

Every Car Related Tax Break Congress Included In New Budget

After deliberation amongst Congress, President Donald Trump finally signed off on a budget that includes a variety of different taxes. But, if you’re a car owner, you may be more concerned about the temporary car-related ta breaks which house themselves within the 652-page budget bill.

Dyson Moving From Home to Road with Three Electric Cars

Dyson, the legendary company which has been spearheading the home appliances industry for several years with innovative, powerful and reliable vacuum cleaners, is now apparently exploring another avenue. That avenue is the automotive one, and just last year they stated they had an electric car in the pipeline which would be finished in 2020.

Top 6 Best-Selling Cars Sold on in 2017

Over the years, competition within the motor vehicle market has only grown stronger. With the biggest companies now investing hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year, the world is enjoying brand-new features, sleek designs, and even the start of the electric revolution.

Tesla Model 3 Supercharging Costs

Tesla recently announced that new owners would receive 400kWh of free charging per year, which is good enough to drive for about 1000 miles. However, it does not affect specific cars bought via the company's Owner Referral Program. They are still eligible for free supercharger feature for a lifetime.

80 percent Decrease in Uber Prices with RoboTaxis

Uber prices to drop 80% with RoboTaxis.

Lotus Enters New Ground with Chinese Ownership

Lotus Is Now Officially A Chinese-Owned Car Company

Impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Auto Industry

Impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Auto Industry, sales forecast and widespread damage